Warning text

The warning text component puts a clear notice in a page to tell users about something important. This could be an action they need to take, or something they need to know.

Sample HTML

<div class="ds_warning-text">
    <strong class="ds_warning-text__icon" aria-hidden="true"></strong>
    <strong class="visually-hidden">Warning</strong>
    <div class="ds_warning-text__text">Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress.</div>

We based our warning text component on the one built by GDS. Find out more about the warning text component on GOV.UK’s Design System.

Website analytics

To understand user behaviour, clicks on links in warning text blocks can be tracked through the click URL, the click text and a data attribute showing the interaction.

The data attribute is added automatically by the Design System’s ‘tracking’ script.

Feedback, help or support

If you need any help or want to give any feedback you can e-mail us at: designsystem@gov.scot

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