Name Status
Account login To do
Address lookup Complete
Audio player guidance To do
Autocomplete / suggestions Experimental
A-Z listing To do
Bank details To do
Callout Removed
Campaign components and panels In progress
Card To do
Card navigation Complete
Case study To do
Category item To do
Charts To do
Conditional reveal In progress
Contextual footer To do
Cookie banner Experimental
Cookies page Complete
Dates In progress
Details To do
Document history To do
Email address To do
Exit page To do
Featured search box To do
Fieldset To do
File download Complete
File upload To do
Form navigation / progress In progress
Form guidance In progress
Grid navigation Complete
Guide/multipage document (mini hub) To do
Hero banner Proposed
Icons and iconography Complete
Infographic guidance To do
List navigation Complete
Maps To do
Media category item In progress
Media / video guidance To do
National insurance numbers To do
On-page feedback form To do
Page metadata In progress
Passwords To do
Pagination Complete
PDF download page / document cover page To do
Popular panel To do
Prologue and epilogue text Removed
Publications - multi page documents and complex documents To do
Recaptcha To do
Related items To do
Repeating fields with 'add another' button In progress
Secondary footer In progress
Smart answer In progress
Skip links Complete
Step by step navigation In progress
Social media links In progress
Staging / Embargo content page (notification banner) To do
Summary list To do
Tabs Experimental
Tables - Complex (data sets) To do
Task list Experimental

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