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Setting up any analytics tool for a new website

Action Role
Define Key Performance Indicators/Metrics needed for the site. Identify stakeholders requiring access to data Product Owner
Ensure Privacy Impact Assessment covers usage of analytics data Information Governance
Set up and generate analytics or tag manager codes (normally this is different environment codes for test and live) Performance Analyst
Add tag manager or analytics code to test site Front End Developer
Add cookie banner to site, ensuring analytics respects user opt-in/opt-outs Front End Developer
Test that tag manager is sending analytics data by testing pageview on test site Performance Analyst
Set up and test other tags to collect event data relevant for KPIs on test site Front End Developer, Performance Analyst and Tester
Confirm URLs /Page Titles are not collecting any special category data under GDPR Information Governance
Create prototype dashboard using test site Performance Analyst
Check dashboard meets requirements of stakeholders Performance Analyst and Product Owner
Add tag manager code to live site Front End Developer
Push tags from test tag container to live Performance Analyst
Create live dashboard and administer access to stakeholders Performance Analyst
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